Our Approach

We have a “plug-and-play” approach. Just plug our people, services and partners in at any stage.

There are 7 stages imperative to collaboration -

1. Play

We believe in the power of play first. We curate workshops that allow everyone to connect on a cognitive and emotional level. These sessions have many benefits as it gives an opportunity to re-energise, build trust, discuss challenges in an safe and open place, ideate and share some laughter. You can say we “play for change” as our events bring about innovation and transformation. Our play events are effectively an intersect between passion, purpose and play-based learning. See our PLAY workshops for more details.

2. Purpose

This is the part that truly matters.

If we want to know what a business is, we have to start with its purpose. And the purpose must lie outside the business itself, it must lie in society, since a business enterprise is an organ of society.

Your purpose is your “WHY”; it's the reason for being, the reason for doing what you're doing. It is your guiding light. Everything you do, from hiring to designing your customer experience, will be aligned with this purpose. 

We will help you define a long-term, forward-looking intention to accomplish aims that are both meaningful to the self and of consequence to the world beyond the self.

3. Storytelling

We help you create deep and compelling stories to share with the world.

This will differentiate your brand from competition and engage the hearts and minds of your customers.

This will help us to build strong brand communities and give context and meaning in what you do. This is at the core of passionate, sustainable success for purpose driven brands.

4. Strategy

We help you build a focused strategy.

We believe a truly focused company—one that has cut complexity to the minimum—does not invest to win in every element of its business. It invests primarily in its core, the business in which it can outperform everybody else.

A focused company does not try to appeal to every potential customer. It concentrates on the most profitable customers, those whom it can serve better than any competitor can.

5. Support

People with a shared purpose will collaborate when and where needed on your project. We understand your business requirements will change quickly over time.

Our model allows you to pick and mix and upscale or downscale the people you need at any time. We work in a transparent and collaborative manner that minimises friction along the way.

We also offer in-house services where our team literally becomes your team and if you love them, you can keep them :)

6. Services

We collaborate with handpicked and trusted partners around the world.

Services are matched to each stage of the business cycle from research and analytics, design, film creation, content and PR and social media.

7. Personal Development

We believe personal development and a sustainable business goes hand in hand. Therefor we’ve designed a Naked Ape Play curriculum to ensure an abundance mindset and personal growth along with the business journey.


Seven stages of collaboration

Each stage you can pick a team of Naked Apes and partners to collaborate with.