The Naked Ape PLAY Workshops

Our Naked Ape PLAY workshops are designed for transformation. A huge drop in empathy has resulted in disconnected teams, cultural erosion and blockages to innovation. This impacts on the bottom line and longevity of any business.

Our focus is on personal development in group workshops - emotional intelligence, productivity, collaboration, creativity and simply being human.

We believe PLAY is the ultimate tool for human connection and the number one driver to facilitate change. What it means to be human is ever more important and we’ve developed bespoke services to help organizations thrive in its pursuit of emotional and social intelligence.

Prepare to be transformed!


Why play?

  • Open to vulnerabilities, learn to trust and feel safe

  • Fuel your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities

  • Be social in an unstructured, creative way

  • Improve relationships and your connection to others

Process and services

Each brief starts with an internal audit that allows us to understand the company, team or project in order to curate the right inspiration, people and tools for transformation.


Flagship workshops


Play Labs


1-4 hrs • 10-20 people

Playlabs are our most popular workshop for small groups to re-energise and align to a purpose.

This is a fast and energetic session to get into a flow state of play. We use various tools to uncover our passions, “superpowers” and define our common purpose.

These methodologies are perfect to gain the empathy and vulnerability required to wholeheartedly lead, and acquire the tools to develop a culture of authenticity and connection.

We host these mini workshops as part of the overall programme or as an ad hoc internal sessions.

Great for inspiring creativity & unity across disparate teams.


Play Dates


4-6 hrs • 10-40 people

Play Dates are our most creative events for those seeking to unlock purpose and define a unified vision that matters to the world. It’s filled with a carefully curated game based activities to define a purpose, vision and generate ideas.

We host these events with specialist immersive play partners, transformation coaches, futurists and innovation leaders. Who do you want to play with?

Big personal shifts and solid creative thinking guaranteed!



Play Events


1+ days • 20+ people

Play Events are designed for larger groups where we transport you to a magical location. It’s a highly interactive adventure with plenty of inspiration, personal and team quests.

We’ll take a closer look at ourselves and the world around us and together how we can create a better future. The focus is on inspiration, immersion, assessment and play.

The full immersion of the Naked Ape Tools include an forensic investigation, personal development tools, purpose setting, vision creation and new ideas.



“We like to think of ourselves as the Ghostbusters of the transformation space”

Do you need us?

  • If you’re a business owner looking for a long term purpose-driven vision and team...

  • If you’re a mission driven entrepreneur with a new team, idea or opportunity...

  • If you’re a disruptor with an existing platform that facilitates change in the world...

  • If you are responsible for your team’s wellbeing and the internal culture…

….Just plug the NAKED APE in!

Get in touch!

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i looooved this session. It was one of the funniest and most exhilarating one - didn’t stop laughing with Primavera
— Guy-Philippe Goldstein, Faber Novel Innovate
The message was amazing, people were totally open and vulnerable to the conversation and I loved it. I could imagine it going down very well in the corporate
— Sophia Schuff, Gehl - Making Cities for People
The PlayLab was excellent. Naked Ape took a gathering of brains, pioneers in their fields and got them out of their heads and into their bodies, rewinding time remembering what it was like to feel curiosity , awe and wonder. A group of strangers fully dropping their guards, laughing and enjoying playing and figuring out solutions together in your lighthearted but meaningful Play Lab, helping us all remember we are children at heart
— Brenda Baccus, New York
The PlayLab workshop was full of humour, play and inspiration. It was so fun to improvise, to remember yourself in childhood, to make up a story and play! It was especially interesting to play with people whom you know in a completely different context. Amazing framework for finding new impressions and ideas!”
— Natalia Simonenko, CEO Movavi
When I grow up I want to be a kid